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New Products 2020.12.04

New Submersible Pumps

We are pleased to announce the launch of new submersible pumps.
4 series, 14 models have been released.

- PXJ series designed for residual water and dewatering
- PKJ series (vortex type) designed for sewage
- PKG series (grinder type) designed for sewage including fabrics
- PKJR series (multi-purpose)

Please click the link for the details.
: https://www.koshin-ltd.jp/en/products/?category_large_id=0&category_med_id=0&category_id=0&product_category_id=0&engine_group_id=0&engine_category_id=0&s=&page=1

If you have any questions and further inquiries, please kindly contact from following contact form.
: https://www.koshin-ltd.jp/en/contact/?m=reform